Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Learning: Be Offensive

Here is another little fact about your wonderful blog-writer:
I have often epitomized the role of 'people-pleaser.'

There are many people who can say the same for themselves -- both male and female. It is easy to have a desire in your heart to bring happiness and comfort to everyone around you!

Once that desire has entered your heart, there is great difficulty in acting outside of that desire.

Confusion is inevitable. What could compel a good and godly woman to seek out the struggle of not bringing happiness and comfort to others? To invite more believers to join in her strange struggle?

As Christians, we proclaim that we are followers of Jesus Christ. We (sometimes too rarely) seek to emulate Christ in both thought and deed. It is certainly a struggle to do, because Jesus did a great many wonderful things!

One thing which I often forget, especially in the guise of a 'people-pleaser', is that Jesus willingly offended many, many people.

If we choose to follow Jesus in everything, does it then mean we are to be offensive?

As believers, we should not only bring comfort, but discomfort. We should draw out not also joy, but sometimes sorrow (such as what Jesus does for the rich young ruler). We are called first to bring God's Word and His love, irregardless of expected reaction.

As we all know quite well, there are many people who find God's Word to be offensive! That, however, should never prevent us from sharing His Truth . . . never.

I was not made simply to please and comfort people, but to steadfastly follow God and bring Him praise.

And that is also true of you.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Seeking Inspiration: Little Miracles

Three days ago, the hungry of Delaware were blessed with a miracle.

Bags upon bags of potatoes were donated to the Food Bank in Delaware, and its 440 hunger relief program partners throughout the state. It's a really incredible gift, especially during a season that is so far from the Christmas holiday (which is when many people think about donating food and toys to those in need).

The background to this story is not one of simple generosity. On Sunday, July 10, Samuel Frymoyer somehow drove a tractor-trailer (more commonly known as a semi) into a freight train. The details of the crash have not been revealed, so I have no way to paint a better picture for you. The two biggest highlights are that no one was injured in the crash and that the contents of the tractor-trailer managed to spill onto the ground.

The trailer was filled with potatoes, which were then donated through the initiative of the Department of Transportation.

It seems that all it took was something random for a miracle to occur.

I might offer that this little incident was not actually an accident (in the big picture, that is). God created this little blessing, and does so more often than we tend to think.

When was the last time you witnessed a blessing from God, either for yourself or someone else?

Did you stop to give Him praise?

Please leave your thoughts, comments and stories below.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Etsy: Beauty in Comfort

Every so often I will see someone sitting in a wheelchair with a small blanket across their lap. In Chicago, many blankets would be needed, since sitting in the wheelchair doesn't allow someone to stay warm in the way that a brisk walk might. A normal blanket might get caught in the wheels, so the designated 'lap blanket' is just the right size for the warmth and comfort they would need.

This is the inspiration for my lap blanket, as well as the color for this one in particular: sage. Sage is one of many herbs that are used for medicinal treatment. It is considered to be healing, for many different ailments.

I crocheted this blanket with love, and many thoughts of healing and comfort for all who wrap themselves in this beautiful and calming blanket.