Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Designs: More crochet earrings!

Have you ever started working on a (fun) project, and when you finally look up at the clock you notice that hours have passed by while you were engrossed in your thoughts and ideas?

That is how I am with my crochet!

It can be a bit different with larger projects (like blankets), since there is a good chunk of time before I can finish one project and start the next. I am so excited that my 'tiny' projects take so much less time -- I can follow my ideas wherever they lead me without having to wait days upon days first. :-)

Here are a few of the earring designs I have been working on! They are all super light and totally awesome, and can be made in an (almost) endless variety of colors! (And they only cost $18 through my Etsy shop!)

I would absolutely love your feedback and to hear your own design ideas!

I expect to have even more designs to show you over the coming weeks ... I have been bitten by the 'crochet earring' bug! (Now all I need is to remember to buy more earring hooks to connect my crochet pieces to!)


Do you love to crochet? I have a slowly-growing collection of my own personal patterns in my shop -- just for you! They are inexpensive, and so much fun to crochet. I look forward to sharing them with you!


Would you like to learn how to crochet? If you are in my area (near Boulder, Colorado, USA), I would absolutely love to get together with you! Teaching is an exciting new part of my crocheting experience -- and I love sharing it!

If you aren't in my area, that is really quite a bummer. However, if you are interested, I would love to try and teach you how to crochet via Skype, AIM, or Google chat!

Comment below if you would like to find out more. :-)
These beauties just need hooks!

Update: I have followed my ideas even further, and love how they turned out!

The crochet diamond measures about 2.25 in vertically

This is such a fun avenue of crochet, and it seems as though the variety of ideas will never end! If you would like to crochet any of these yourself (a few are even good for beginners) please comment below. I am working on making each one into an inexpensive pattern to share the joy of crocheting something fun and wonderful you can use (wear) each day! I will put the most popular via comments at the very top of my Etsy To-Do list!

Have a blessed day!

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