Friday, June 21, 2013

Delightful Little Owls

Update -- Scroll to the bottom to see the newest photo! (super cute!)

-- You can find these cute owls on Etsy!

© Jessica Van Eaton

Sometimes I have a lot of trouble designing new products. Most of the time, it's because I have so many ideas bouncing through my head that I can't land on just one! Other times my perfectionism gets in the way, and all I can see are the 'perceived flaws' and little fixes that I can't quite figure out.

This time, I had too many variations running through my head!

So, I decided to make my favorite two.
(just so you know, they measure about 3.5'' tall. They are too cute!)

Which one is your favorite little owl?

© Jessica Van Eaton

© Jessica Van Eaton

© Jessica Van Eaton

If I get enough feedback, I can have one of these cute little owls in my shop by next Friday!

Your thoughts:   How do you make decisions when there are too many options?


Update:  June 26, 2013 1:30 PM

My cousin had a graduation party this last weekend, and I decided to give her an adorable owl as a gift. I love how this little graduation cap turned out! Don't you?

© Jessica Van Eaton

Also, check back soon for an update (and direct link) on where to buy these cute owls!

I hope you are having a blessed day!

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  1. Adorable. These would look so cute in a nursery!!! :)