Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Modern Granny Square Afghan

Hello beautiful people!

In an effort to make it easier for you to order custom afghans/blankets from Color Me Crochet, I have decided to post a collection of photographs from past blankets. Peruse, enjoy, and together we can create your very own!

Here are the Modern Granny Square afghans. They are crocheted using a custom design in three colors of your choice.


Friday, November 27, 2015

2015 has been a whirlwind!

This year has gone by so quickly!

And there have been so many projects and changes keeping my life bustling along. For one:

We bought a house!!

More specifically, we bought the home we have been renting and living in the whole of our marriage. It's a cozy condo in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, and now it is all ours!

We gave ourselves crazy deadlines to accommodate awesome visitors, and somehow managed to remodel the entire home in just a few months: new floors, new kitchen cabinets, new paint. Just writing it out the list seems short, but it took so much planning and hard work! (mostly my planning and my wonderful husband's hard work!)

Just yesterday we were looking around our home and wondering aloud whether we had actually accomplished so much in such a short time. Honestly, it's hard to remember where it started when we bought it! (I have a nice little folder of photos that helped encourage us while we were in the middle of the renovation chaos)

This Thanksgiving I am incredibly thankful for gifts from God: my husband, our home, the beautiful updates to our home, and the family and friends who helped make our remodel possible (and a good deal easier!).

We have a handful of finishing touches still to complete, but here's a snapshot of our collection of before and after:

Monday, May 18, 2015

Our God is Big and Great

I have to admit – sometimes I forget how BIG God really is.

It's not that my mind is not aware of all He is, all He's done, all that is written about Him in the Bible and told about Him from personal interactions. My mind really does know!

BUT … sometimes I forget how big God really is!

This morning I woke up with a slight cold, which I thought I had already finished fighting through. The stuffy nose, the slight cough, the aches added to the aches I already have every day. A hard day to wake up with a softened heart.

But, this morning, when I took out my to-do list (as a natural first step each morning!), I saw the last several bullet points reminding me of people to write to and people to give to and people to love on. And one time-sensitive gift written several days ago called the Love Flash Mob.

Ladies at Momastery (and all you awesome people who gave), thank you. Thank you for still accepting my gift even though I neglected your spot on my to-do list and was several days late. Thank you for sharing about the women and children and families who have reached out for help on behalf of their warrior friends – and whom you have loved on in return, in ways that will truly make their lives just that little bit easier. One of the gifts was 'to let them breathe' – that is so precious!

This morning I spent reading your several facebook updates and reading through your blog updates about the Love Flash Mob. I don't feel well, but my heart has been lifted! I feel like that takes a lot these days, so thank you.

You asked God to give big. And He gave even bigger. What a great reminder.

I've asked God to give big. And I guess I'm still waiting for an answer. Even for a 'no'. ...waiting is hard.
But thank you for letting God use you – to remind me that He is BIG!

Today, I am in awe! Not of you ladies, for I know that's not what you seek (though, really, I am!). I am in awe of our good and gracious and powerful God!

With the help of my wonderful husband, this art print came out wonderfully! Purchase this print for your home here!

Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom. Psalm 145:3 NIV

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Season of Love

It's so interesting to me to watch the tides of life slowly pass by. Everything has it's time. And those times tend to come in waves!

You have the wave of graduation from high school, the wave of graduation from college, a handful of waves of engagements, and then the periodic waves of weddings.

Obviously, there are more waves that follow, but those relate to my life right now. It's another wave of weddings!

This year we have been blessed to attend two weddings of good friends of ours (and more to come!). We also spent a whole week in Chicago to visit friends! (and working remotely)

The first: my awesome roommate from college. We were best buds for three whole years! It's fun to look back on college -- the late nights of homework and studying, too much Netflix, and random conversations when you're too tired to think straight. It was awesome having someone to share all of my classes with, who could never avoid me when I had all sorts of homework questions. ;-)
The wedding was beautiful and fun, and we are so thankful that we got to join in the celebrations!

A week in Chicago with good friends, good food, and a few days of really nice weather. (oh, Chicago) It was awesome to walk around our old college campus and reminisce ... and not have homework to worry about! It's amazing how some things haven't changed a bit.

Then, a sweet friend from InterVarsity in college: one of my bridesmaids. She has always been a thoughtful and faithful friend, and found a sweet and wise husband to stand with her. The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was like a surprise college reunion! It was fun getting to catch up with so many friends that we did not expect to see on our trip. Overall, it was a blast, and I am so thankful we were able to take the time for the long trip to celebrate with our friends.

Before I forget to add them to this post: here are my wedding gifts to my sweet friends. Hand-crocheted nameplates of their new family names. I love making sweet family heirlooms. Especially for such great friends!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Valentine's Weekend!

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!
Whether sharing a romantic dinner, hanging out on the couch, or just spending good times with friends, it is so important to set aside special days that just feed your soul.
And holidays can be the perfect reminder!

For me, I chose to use Valentine's gifting for my husband as way to feed my own artistic needs. Thankfully, he is always appreciative of my gifts (even if our walls are already full). It's so much fun to design and make things myself!

Thanks to Pinterest, I decided to try my hand at printing my own designs on fabric! My hands are slowing down, so this is a great substitute for needlework:

We both love how it turned out -- a sweet remembrance of our summer wedding, and our little family. I designed the tree myself, with a mixture of scanned hand-drawings and vector drawing on the computer. I printed it on a simple muslin fabric and stretched it over a 6-inch embroidery hoop.

I chose to put a little heart 'carving' onto the tree design. Just a simple "J+J" is enough to say "We love each other -- forever!".

Printing out the fabric turned out to be the easiest part of this project. I want it to last our lifetime, so I decided to sew the fabric together in the back. That should help prevent 'slipping' of the fabric. However, it didn't look all that great. After some more Pinterest hopping, I added a white felt backing to finish everything off nicely. I'm really please with how it turned out -- and how easy it is to hang!

All in all, it was a wonderful Valentine's Day for me. I got to make some fun art, my sweet husband wrote and recorded a song just for me, and we dined on Giordano's pizza, which my wonderful husband had shipped as a gift to me! The food was delicious, my single red rose rose smelled beautiful and looks great on our dining table, and I got to take the time for a relaxing bubble bath with candles!

I am so beyond blessed. :)

What fun stories do you have for Valentine's Day (and weekend)?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Covering my walls with yarn

Earlier this year, I shared a personal art project that I hung in my living room.

I was pretty pleased with how it turned out!

... with the exception of my husband not loving the fabric color on our wall.

So, I undid the whole project (aren't I so loving?!) to remake it with an entirely new fabric color.

At first, I thought I had a marvelous idea:
Why not use felt instead of fabric?! Surely the yarn will stick like those felt boards I enjoyed as a kid!

I bought some white felt, and attached it to the corkboard like I had done with the blue fabric. While it was laying on the ground, I organized the crochet flowers just the way I wanted them. Thinking I was being really smart, I also rubbed them against the felt just a little bit, to try and get that static cling thing working for me.

And after minutes of careful attempts to hang it back up on the wall above my desk (it was not an easy task. I should have waited for my husband to come home, in all honesty), I took one step back to admire my work ... and three of the flowers fell off onto my computer.

To make life a little easier on myself, I decided to leave the corkboard hanging while I reattached each flower with thumb tacks. I had bought some clear ones to mix in with the bight green, so I used those on the mostly blue flowers.

Unfortunately for me, our 'mostly white' walls are actually on the yellow side of white, and the white felt over blue fabric is on the blue side of white. So, the corkboard came off of the wall once more!

And went back up over the fireplace.

Finally, I am satisfied with my artistic creation! (and so is my husband!)

Now to decide what to make for a headboard ...


What custom art projects have you made for your home?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Delightful Little Owls

Update -- Scroll to the bottom to see the newest photo! (super cute!)

-- You can find these cute owls on Etsy!

© Jessica Van Eaton

Sometimes I have a lot of trouble designing new products. Most of the time, it's because I have so many ideas bouncing through my head that I can't land on just one! Other times my perfectionism gets in the way, and all I can see are the 'perceived flaws' and little fixes that I can't quite figure out.

This time, I had too many variations running through my head!

So, I decided to make my favorite two.
(just so you know, they measure about 3.5'' tall. They are too cute!)

Which one is your favorite little owl?

© Jessica Van Eaton

© Jessica Van Eaton

© Jessica Van Eaton

If I get enough feedback, I can have one of these cute little owls in my shop by next Friday!

Your thoughts:   How do you make decisions when there are too many options?


Update:  June 26, 2013 1:30 PM

My cousin had a graduation party this last weekend, and I decided to give her an adorable owl as a gift. I love how this little graduation cap turned out! Don't you?

© Jessica Van Eaton

Also, check back soon for an update (and direct link) on where to buy these cute owls!

I hope you are having a blessed day!