Monday, May 18, 2015

Our God is Big and Great

I have to admit – sometimes I forget how BIG God really is.

It's not that my mind is not aware of all He is, all He's done, all that is written about Him in the Bible and told about Him from personal interactions. My mind really does know!

BUT … sometimes I forget how big God really is!

This morning I woke up with a slight cold, which I thought I had already finished fighting through. The stuffy nose, the slight cough, the aches added to the aches I already have every day. A hard day to wake up with a softened heart.

But, this morning, when I took out my to-do list (as a natural first step each morning!), I saw the last several bullet points reminding me of people to write to and people to give to and people to love on. And one time-sensitive gift written several days ago called the Love Flash Mob.

Ladies at Momastery (and all you awesome people who gave), thank you. Thank you for still accepting my gift even though I neglected your spot on my to-do list and was several days late. Thank you for sharing about the women and children and families who have reached out for help on behalf of their warrior friends – and whom you have loved on in return, in ways that will truly make their lives just that little bit easier. One of the gifts was 'to let them breathe' – that is so precious!

This morning I spent reading your several facebook updates and reading through your blog updates about the Love Flash Mob. I don't feel well, but my heart has been lifted! I feel like that takes a lot these days, so thank you.

You asked God to give big. And He gave even bigger. What a great reminder.

I've asked God to give big. And I guess I'm still waiting for an answer. Even for a 'no'. ...waiting is hard.
But thank you for letting God use you – to remind me that He is BIG!

Today, I am in awe! Not of you ladies, for I know that's not what you seek (though, really, I am!). I am in awe of our good and gracious and powerful God!

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Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom. Psalm 145:3 NIV