Thursday, December 15, 2011

An Artist's Life Includes ... Art!

Here is my newest scarf design, for all those school-spirit-filled CU students!
I'm quite proud of the design, and hope you like it too! It is definitely a challenge both on paper and while crocheting. (I think that's why I like it so much!)

I've also been on a crochet kick in an effort to use up my scraps of yarn from previous projects. Here are two (currently unfinished) blankets that are (as of right now, but needing more than scraps to finish) completely made from yarn scraps I had on hand!

The one above is using this awesomely large crochet hook I bought a few months ago. It is crocheted with two strands of yarn at a time -- a colored yarn (blue, pink, yellow, etc) and a white or off-white yarn. I am excited for yarn to go on sale again so I can finish it!

The one below is using my dark-color yarns, with some 'pop' from gray and blue every so often. It's coming out really great, and I am looking forward to coming back from vacation and finishing it!

What do you think of my art? :-)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snowstorm = Sleepover

Fluffy, white snow!!
It gave me a snow day! ;-)

My husband and I spent the night at our in-laws (he has Sunday night soccer games in the area), and helped out with cars and shuttling people around all day Monday. So, that was most of my Monday.

Not too much was accomplished, really, other than me making some awesome CU scarves! I'll hopefully have some photos, and maybe an Etsy post up before the end of the week.

Do you have a favorite college sports team that you want to cheer on with your wardrobe? I'd love to make a scarf for you that does just that! Check out my Etsy shop, or send me an email through my profile page.

Here is my delayed Thankful List, day 5.
  1. Time on the weekend to relax with my husband.
  2. Playing in the snow with my husband.
  3. The way snow looks like glitter when it's blown off of the roof.
  4. Email.
  5. The way email lets me keep up with friends' lives even when they are traveling all over the world.
  6. Rice packs that can be heated in the microwave to make my feet (somewhat) warm, like normal people.
  7. The person who discovered that epsom salts help relax sore and tired muscles.
  8. Bubbles.
  9. ITunes now letting you rent movies (Blockbuster's disappearance can make that hard).
  10. Comedies, and the way they make days seem more enjoyable.
What are you thankful for today?

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Beautiful Snow Continues

© Jessica Van Eaton 2011
This is a picture of the creek by my home about, oh, 20 minutes ago. Isn't it absolutely beautiful? On the way to and from physical therapy I felt so overwhelmed by how beautiful the world can look when it's covered in a blanket of snow. (It's a little colder than I would prefer, but the sun is nice and warm!)

So, I spent about an hour taking pictures of the pretty snow! My guilty pleasure for the day. ;-)

Now, onto my promised Thankful List, day 4:
  1. Beautiful blankets of snow.
  2. Time in my day to photograph beautiful nature.
  3. Family living nearby.
  4. My super nice camera that I was given as a present from my amazing husband.
  5. My husband's love and care toward me. (He texted me to warn me about black ice, and to make sure I got home safely!)
  6. Encouraging comments about my crochet work.
  7. The smell of a wonderful Christmas tree that fills my home.
  8. Sharing childhood ornaments with my husband while we hung them on the tree.
  9. Having a large bucket of ornaments filled with memories.
  10. Old church hymnals.
What are you thankful for today?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

What a Wonderful Day For . . .

© Jessica Van Eaton 2011

. . . how would you finish this sentence?

If you managed to not miss my picture, you should know my answer:
awesome snow!

My husband and I got up this morning, looked out of our living room window (it's more of a sliding glass door, really), and saw a world covered in inches of snow! What a fun surprise!

I was completely not expecting snow, especially considering I have done a horrible job of checking the weather on a regular basis. I was also not expecting a phone call from my sister-in-law (my husband's wonderful sister) and a half-hour of random conversation and catching up! It was a wonderful morning, and I couldn't help but think of my wonderful list as everything was happening. :-)

So, the continuation of my Thankful List is here!
(for clarification, these numbers should start at 21)
  1. Living in beautiful, relaxing Boulder, Colorado.
  2. The winter wonderland that the morning brought.
  3. Telephones.
  4. Surprise (happy) phone calls from loved ones.
  5. The people who read my posts. ;-)
  6. The people who read (and respond to) my facebook posts. :-)
  7. A working heater in my home.
  8. My husband's crazy awesome skills that fixed our heater.
  9. Humane societies and animal shelters.
  10. People who are kind enough to let me volunteer at the humane society. (I get to work with dogs!)
I am totally excited to be volunteering with dogs! We can't have one in our complex (unless it's a service dog, and as much as I am willing to go for the service dog to have a dog in our home, I really want to not need one), so it's a great way to enjoy doggy-company. :-)
I am not sure if I will be waiting until after the holidays to start my volunteering, but I am already excited to share stories and photos with everyone!

What is your weather like today? Why do you enjoy it? (and if you aren't enjoying your weather today, can you find one good thing that it has caused?)