Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Health rollercoaster

In case anyone noticed, I haven't been doing a very good job at writing in this blog recently.

If you were hoping for witty and informative posts last week, Sorry!

For the past several months, I have been going through an annoyingly long process to try and find some form of 'treatment' for my chronic pain. I put treatment in quotes only because any sort of medicine or aid will only be impacting the symptoms, and not actually treating the root issue -- my CMT.

Unfortunately, my efforts (and the research of my nice neurologist) have not allowed me to find anything helpful. I've read before that treating chronic nerve pain is not an easy task, and that many with it spend years before finding relief, if not longer. Hopefully that won't be my path, but it is starting to look that way . . .

As of right now, I am slowly working my way off of a prescription pain killer that has managed to somehow increase my pain (go figure) and give me wonderful side-effects while going through the process of removing the medicine from my system (ie. slowly decreasing the dose) . . . I am definitely looking forward to being done with this medicine. The pain and frustration has been quite distracting for me, and making it rather difficult for me to find things to write about.

Hopefully I will get my photos edited soon so I can show you an awesome way to make canvas wall art with crayons!

Also, I wanted to let you know that I am still prepping for the March sale in my Color Me Crochet Etsy shop, so I hope you are excited!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Happy Valentine's Day!!

Last night, my husband and I spent about an hour punching out the little folds of tiny paper V-day cards, to stick Nerds in them! (the candy, fyi) We were both thankful that we didn't have to work on them alone (or try to figure out on our own how those little things worked . . .)
And today, he handed them out to people at his work! Maybe a little corny, but I think it's a fun tradition from childhood that everyone can still enjoy! (and who doesn't love candy? Well, aside from my brother-in-law and his wife . . .)

Speaking of sweets, this morning a sweet surprise arrived at my doorstep . . .

© Jessica Van Eaton 2013
. . . these beautiful flowers from my husband!!

He always does such an amazing job at picking out the perfect bouquet for me. :-)

I still remember the bouquet of roses he got me for our first Valentine's. Beautiful red, white and pink roses: miniatures! There were way more than a dozen, and they worked perfectly for hang them and make them last forever! I'm sure I have a picture of those somewhere . . .

. . . moving on.

I am having an awesome V-day, and I hope you are too!

(Also, it is snowing here! Has been pretty much all day!)

To be honest, it makes the roads pretty annoying (and scary) to drive on, but it is so beautiful when all you need to do is look at it!

© Jessica Van Eaton 2013

Have a safe and wonderful Valentine's day!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sweet surprises

God is so helpful!!


Let me explain a little bit. . . . Today I delivered a lovely prayer shawl to a sweet woman in my Bible study. She had ordered it for a friend, and I had it all wrapped up and ready to deliver . . . when I remembered that I had forgotten to put in the 'added bonus' flower pin (a crochet flower with two buttons on the back) for her friend's new shawl! I had already taken the time to tape the box nice and tightly closed (in case I needed to mail it), so I just decided that would be alright (especially since I hadn't even told her that I would be including it).

At our brunch today, I brought my own prayer shawl (with my own crochet flower) to share. Our study is following the book Praying the Names of Jesus, so we were all encouraged to make or buy a prayer shawl for ourselves. When I showed it to the ladies, my sweet friend asked me to pull out the shawl she had ordered so that she could share it as well!

While she was trying it on and showing it off, she asked if she could try it with the crochet flower to see how it might look. So, I took the opportunity to simply give it to her with the shawl! It was even the same color flower pin that I had been planning on giving with the shawl.

I wrapped it all back up nice and neat, and stuck in her box to take home for her friend.

God just always seems to know the perfect way to orchestrate even the tiniest of details!

Monday, February 11, 2013

What I've Learned

Once again, I just want to say 'Thank You' to everyone who participated in my Color Me Crochet 2013 Contest!

By the end of this week, I'll have taken down all of the Contest-related stuff on this site, my FB page, and my Etsy page. Ergo, the contest is officially done and over!

I've learned quite a bit from everyone who entered, and am excited to make several changes to my shop. First and foremost, for the month of March I will be having a Shop Section specifically for items on sale -- 20-50% off! Totally stoked to do this, as it will help me clear my inventory to make way for new items. And you get to buy stuff from my shop On Sale! :-)

Not sure if you are as excited as I am, but I hope you will definitely check it out once it is set up!

(And seriously, I cannot believe it is already February. Or that Valentine's Day is this Thursday. Where did all of January go?)

Monday, February 4, 2013


My sweet friend Hannah is hosting in art exhibition and auction this coming March!

"All proceeds from the auction will benefit non-profit organizations that provide shelter and design services for the materially poor."

Isn't she so awesome?

I've decided to donate this cool afghan that I designed:

Be sure to donate some of your own artwork, or visit the exhibition in Iowa to join in this charitable auction!

Check out the website: FO(u)R WALLS

Friday, February 1, 2013

Mysterious ways

I just have to start out this post by saying ...

God is Good!

I went to Jo-Ann's this morning for some yarn, and in search of a tube of sorts that I could wrap a nameplate around for shipping. I didn't find anything that even came close to what I needed!

As I was leaving, I spotted a man at the checkout counter who was buying a roll of some sort of fabric, and sticking out of the middle was a cardboard tube.
At first, I didn't really think much of it except, 'That is probably close to the size I could use.' Then it clicked: If Jo-ann's doesn't always sell the whole roll (like only the fabric, off of the cardboard tube), they would end up with random amounts of unusable cardboard tubes! So, I decided to go back inside and try and find someone who wouldn't be too busy to answer my rambling and random question about leftover cardboard tubes.

To my luck, there was one waiting for me under the counter at the fabric section! It is far longer than what I need for one nameplate, but once I figure out how to cut it smaller I will be able to use it for more than one nameplate!

I am super stoked about how God orchestrates even the little things in our lives!


The Color Me Crochet 2013 Contest has officially run its course!

It has been a great success with over 40 people entering the contest, and over 70 comments to help me decide which products to be focusing on this year!

And the winner is....

Amy M.!

Congratulations Amy!

And thank you to everyone who participated in this contest!

I am excited to update my shop to reflect all of your awesome feedback!!