Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Variety of Ideas

I had the pleasure of talking with a potential client a few days ago (I might get to crochet a few baby blankets! That would be so awesome!), and I realized that, thus far, all of my blanket sales and give-aways have not occurred within the confines of Etsy. You have never gotten to see them!

So, my wonderful readers, I have decided to share a few with you. (those that I have photos of, that is)

These are both baby blankets, with a cute diamond design across them for decorative effect. The first is solid yellow, and the second is a striped design with pink, yellow, green and blue stripes (perfect for the couple that has chosen to wait until birth to know the gender of their bundle of joy!). They are incredibly soft, and I hear that the little ones are enjoying them!

I hope these give you a few ideas for blankets and other items that we can design and make together!