Friday, October 28, 2011

Ideas: School Spirit

For a little over a week, I have been dealing with some sort of flu bug (or other annoying virus). I've had aches and pains, been tired all day long and have been hardly any help around the house.

Worst of all, I haven't been able to crochet for a whole week!

Seriously, that is akin to torture for an artistic spirit like myself.

I am feeling much better this week. Yesterday I was able to crochet! I finished a blanket that I hope to photograph and post online soon, and started on another one. :-)

Even better than finishing blankets was working on a new idea (I have to utilize my pent-up creativity!). I designed an awesome way to add warmth, style and school spirit to your wardrobe.

This is the start of my newest scarf, monogrammed with my college alma mater: Illinois Institute of Technology. School name, school colors, school spirit!

It is incredibly warm, and unbelievably soft! (btw, I'm keeping this one for myself ... creator's benefits!)

What do you think?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Etsy: New Lower Prices!

© Jessica Van Eaton

My new design is complete! I have my wonderful Etsy shop up and running with all new prices, now set to be donated for charity!

Ninety percent of the proceeds from each sale (excluding the cost of shipping and materials) will be donated directly to the Emergency Family Assistance in Boulder, Colorado.

I cannot wait to see the wonderful benefit this will have in the lives of those in need!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Etsy: A Whole New Me

I love to give.

At my core, that's basically who I am: a giver. I prefer to think of others, I find joy in sacrifice and I smile the most when everyone around me is already smiling.

My Etsy is undergoing a change to reflect this. It's my shop, my products, things I have lovingly made by hand; so, I want it to reflect all of who I am.

Ninety percent of all sales will be donated directly to an awesome program in my new hometown: the Emergency Family Assistance in Boulder, CO. The Emergency Family Assistance Association works in Boulder and Broomfield counties in Colorado, with the purpose of aiding families. They provide food, temporary housing and monetary aid for utility bills, medical needs and housing costs to prevent homelessness.

I am excited to continue learning more about this wonderful program, and to be a part of its efforts for aiding those in need!

I hope you will join me on this journey, and prayerfully consider giving to this wonderful cause ... all while gaining a beautiful heirloom blanket!

My Etsy shop is on vacation while I am undergoing these changes. It will be back online on Monday. Until then, please visit my other shop, and be inspired!