Thursday, July 19, 2012

Designs: Earrings!

The set is now online!
Every time I get an email from Etsy with tips and helpful hints on how to turn my shop into a better experience for the customer, I seem to find a list of things that simply can't apply to who I am as an artist.

First, it is really hard to price crochet items according to the traditional methods. They are so heavy in the time that I spend! So, almost everything I sell is done at 'wholesale' price, because retail would be way above anything I would be willing to pay -- even for something handmade! (That is partially due to my strange ability to be averse toward spending money...I know everything I make is well-made and valuable!)

Second, they constantly write about making your shop 'cohesive' and focusing in on one thing: jewelry, baby hats, paintings, etc.

A soft and fun scarf for any season!
I suppose my shop is (mostly) focused on one thing: crochet! However, that can lead to a very eclectic shop, as my artistic personality simply loves creating!

For example, the beautiful new earrings that I have crocheted (above). They use a lovely pale green bamboo yarn that I just had to crochet with!

Click on the links below each picture to go straight to their page on Etsy!

The variety in my shop is probably overwhelming to the average customer, but that is how I create. How am I supposed to reconcile my artistic desire to try new techniques (and get a start on my very long Idea List that somehow keeps growing) with a need to make my shop more appealing to the eye of the consumer?

Take a look at these other gems: they are so much fun to create!
A simple vase to decorate your home!

A shawl to keep you warm in Winter and stylish in Fall!

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