Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Slipping In and Out

© Jessica Van Eaton

Once again, I have managed to let time slip away from me.


These past few months have kept me rather busy. I've married an amazing man of God, enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon that he planned, experienced the beauty of an island and the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon, drove a whole horde of miles to my lifetime of things, decorated a new home, spent hours playing with my new macro adapter for my camera, cooked a lot of new foods and learned more each day about what it means to live as a Godly wife. I have also been working on projects for my awesome Etsy shops and might possibly have a temporary assignment that relates to my love of architecture and my expertise with the amazing program Revit. *phew* It's been an adventurous time!

I've been quite busy, yet every day I feel as though I can be doing more things to help others.

I have been researching lately about the various volunteer opportunities in my area. I can help at the animal shelter, the food bank, the library's reading program, Big Sister programs and so many more!

What I still want to do, however, is find a way to help people through my love of crochet (and my awesome ability to finish projects quickly!) and good interpersonal skills. How could I do this?

I wanted to sell my blankets and give the profits to the Storehouse, which is doing awesome things in Chicago. It seems, however, that no one is willing to pay the asking price for my blankets, which includes paying me for my time.

What, then, am I to do?

Maybe I should start by giving my time away. Would I still ask the buyer to cover the cost of materials? Or would that still be too much? How long do I have to price a beautiful, time-intensive, hand-made blanket before someone actually wants to buy it?

Or maybe I should find a way to auction my awesome, soft and beautiful blankets to people who would appreciate them, and the good their sale would be doing.

Maybe I should just stick to my area of the world, and find a place in Boulder to donate. Then maybe the people I interact with throughout my week would actually be interested in helping.

Or maybe, in the end, no one really cares.
Maybe I'll just donate the blankets straight to the homeless and needy. At least I would be giving them something.

Maybe I'm not meant to make a huge difference in the world.

But maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to make a small one.
Where do you choose to make a difference? Do you take a few moments of your day to make someone smile? Or do you take a whole lot of moments and put in thought and effort to make a difference? Both are important. Which do you do?