This blog is my own personal collage of the variety of my life!

This blog has a few main purposes:

1) My Etsy shop titled ColorMeCrochet
2) My new ministry in prayer
3) Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT)
4) My faith in Jesus Christ
5) Sharing stories to let you join into my life

My ColorMeCrochet shop is all about me and my art. It allows me to explore my creativity through crochet and other media, with the joys of sharing my work with the world (once I figure out overseas shipping...). It is my time of fun!

A portion of my sales will go toward a new prayer ministry I have decided to devote my time to. The giving of prayer shawls and prayer blankets, covered with loving prayer and accompanied by words of encouragement, to any and all who seek them. I am excited to begin this ministry, and look forward to the ways the Lord will work!

This blog is also about Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT), which is my life's burden -- a physical disability. It is a neuromuscular disease that will most probably affect every area of my life. It is hard to deal with, particularly the nerve pain and muscle weakness. It is also a struggle in that it is progressive in nature and I 'look normal' despite a great difference in what I can accomplish. It is relatively unknown in the general community, despite being very prevalent (1/2500 est.), and I want to spread the word! It can also be soothing for me to process and share what I endure, so I hope you will bear with me. :-) In the process, I will inevitably be sharing my faith, for it is a huge component of my life and permeates every area!

Finally, this blog is for sharing my creations, my processes and my ideas. It is also for my stories, experiments with food, and any other events I deem worth sharing.

I hope you will comment on any posts you find interesting, as feedback is such a wonderful part of my artistic process

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