Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Learning: Being Thankful, Day 2

Here is the continuation of my Thankful List:

(Unfortunately, I don't know how to start the numbering at 11)
  1. Not being allergic to the live Christmas tree in my home.
  2. Hiking through the mountains with my husband and friends to find said Christmas tree.
  3. My husband's incredible strength. I didn't have to worry about helping with bring the tree safely down the mountain, and could focus on getting me down safely! :-)
  4. Christmas music to play all day long.
  5. The amazing and wonderful gift of Jesus Christ.
  6. Random opportunities to make good friends.
  7. Sunshine streaming through the window.
  8. Physical therapists.
  9. Insurance to help pay for said physical therapists.
  10. The warm, salt-water swimming pool that our condo complex has.
I have a feeling this list will get very long and complicated rather quickly. I have decided that I don't mind ... it's good to be thankful!

Also, for those of you who were asking -- I have finished my IIT scarf that I was working on! You can check out the pictures here, and even order one for yourself! (fyi: they make great stocking suffers!)

What is one thing you are thankful for today? Who is one person in your life that would benefit from a few words of gratitude?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Learning: Being Thankful

This past Sunday, my pastor spoke about the trials and tribulations of life, spiritual struggles, and the lies that Satan speaks into our hearts. He also spoke of how, in almost every situation, the Bible offers a thankful heart as a way to stay strong despite our weak human nature.

He called every person listening to a simple challenge. When you awake in the morning, write down ten things you are thankful for. If you are married, at least one needs to be related to your spouse. If you are living under your parent's roof, at least one needs to be about your parents. The challenge is to continue this process of list-making for 30 straight days, to help build a heart filled with thankfulness.

It is amazing how much good a thankful heart can accomplish!

I have taken up this challenge, and I would love if you would take it with me.

Here is the beginning of my Thankful List.
  1. Cuddling with my husband before starting the day.
  2. My warm and cozy home.
  3. My voice was made for singing.
  4. Being able to walk without too much help.
  5. Warm baths.
  6. Grocery stores with a seemingly unlimited supply of food.
  7. Fresh fruit.
  8. V8 fusion juice. So delicious! (and healthy!)
  9. Skype. (or any other means of video chat with family and friends)
  10. Airplanes. So helpful for visiting family!
I will do my very best to post my 10 each day, so come back tomorrow!

What 10 things are you thankful for today? I would absolutely love for you to share them with me!