Monday, January 7, 2013

Wall Art through crochet

Hello friends!

I thought I would start off this week by sharing a fun project with you!
Update -- changing the background color can really make a difference!

To be honest, I had this project mostly completed way back in August ... but didn't manage to get it on the wall until December!
Oh well...
I am glad I finally got it done, though. I really like how it turned out!

Here are the super easy steps to making this project your own personal masterpiece:

Step 1: Crochet Doilies

Check out my PDF Pattern for the crochet flower doilies specific to this awesome project!
For my set, I also chose to crochet some small doilies to fill in the holes. Simply stop any of the patterns at row 6 or earlier!

You can also come up with your own crochet designs!

Don't know how to crochet? Custom order a set of these doilies from my shop, or find inexpensive ones at the thrift store! Mix and match for an eclectic look.

Step 2: Buy Your Materials

What you will need: one corkboard, some fabric, push pins and a stapler.

I chose to buy the Artist's Loft Corkboard 23x35 inches from Michaels (it was pretty inexpensive). Don't forget to remove the packaging before you start!

Once you've picked your corkboard, head to Joann's (or other fabric store) and pick out your fabric! I would recommend bringing your doilies with you, to make sure everything will fit well together.
Be sure to buy your fabric at least 4 inches longer and 4 inches wider than the corkboard measurement!
Iron your fabric to remove any wrinkles.

I bought simple green push pins from Staples (they were on sale!), but would love to hear of your own decorative ways to hold your doilies in place!

Make sure your stapler can open up (like in the photo above), and you are good to go!

Step 3: Cover the Corkboard

Lay the fabric on the floor, with the side you want visible facing down. Lay the corkboard on top of the fabric, also facing down. Try to center the corkboard on the fabric, but don't worry about being exact!

Starting on the bottom side of the corkboard, staple the fabric into the cardboard backing. Continue on the opposite side, being sure to pull the fabric taught (both vertically and horizontally) to prevent any wrinkles or future sagging of the fabric. Staple the fabric on the right and left sides, also into the cardboard backing. Be sure to leave at least two inches on the inside of your staple, to keep the fabric from tearing and coming loose.

Find the holes for hanging the corkboard on the wall, and cut a line along the hole. Make it large enough to allow the screw or nail head to fit through.
Cut off excess fabric, leaving at least one inch past the staples.

Finish off the back of the corkboard with tape (I used clear packaging tape). Run the tape along the edges of the fabric, tucking in the corners so they won't be visible from the front. The tape also prevents the fabric from fraying and coming loose at the spot of the staples.

Turn your corkboard over, and admire your great work! Some 'waves' are expected, and will be easily hidden once you add your doilies.

Step 4: Decorate!

Arrange your doilies on the corkboard, making sure that they are inside of the wooden edging (or whatever kind of edging your corkboard has).
Play around with the arrangement, and be sure to find something you love!

(Not to worry, you can always change it later!)

I put one push pin in the corner of each 'flower petal' for my doilies, with 3 push pins for each 'little doily'. It is a great way to make certain that they are not only in the position that you want, but that none of the 'petals' will sag or flop down over time!

Step 5: Hang it on your wall!

Don't be like me and take forever to get this last step done! It is really great to complete a project all at once. :-)

You have now finished your own artwork!


I look forward to hearing about your own experiences with this fun project! I would especially love to have you share photos with me! To make it super easy, just send me an email!

Have any thoughts or questions? Please add them to the comments below!

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